Any lab faces bottleneck challenges when scaling up activities.

When scaling up your lab activities, bottlenecks can occur in multiple phases of handling cells in culture vessels:

  • manual sampling
  • sample preparation
  • staining
  • feed to offline instrument
  • readout by trained operator
  • disposal of sample

On-line and dye-free automated cell monitoring: bring automation to cell expansion

Ovizio’s value proposition:

  • A closed loop cell monitoring system decreases biosafety risks.
  • Real-time cell culture analysis increases quality control and improves proces controls.
  • Automation and dye-free analysis of cell culture decreases development costs and operating costs.

The connection to our cell culture analyzer is bioreactor agnostic.

Our system can connect with many types of bioreactors:

  • small scale bioreactors
  • single use bioreactors
  • rocking motion bioreactors
  • benchtop bioreactors
  • stainless steel bioreactors

Different bioreactor connection types are supported:

  • c-flex or pvc welding
  • luer lock connection
  • novaseptum sterile connection

3D image based automated cell monitoring provides immune cell fingerprints.

Our cell culture analysis system uses differential digital holographic microscopy for:

  • assessing cell viability
  • cell counting
  • classification of beads
  • tracking changes of state
  • classification of subtypes