Ovizio Imaging Systems is an image-based sensor company transforming cell culture monitoring with innovative patented microscopy solutions.

Our microscopes, driven by machine learning, support scientists and biomanufacturers when scaling up their cell culture processes and operations for cell- & gene-based therapeutics and vaccine development & manufacturing.

We provide:

  • Automation: real-time monitoring of Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs).
  • Dye-free setup: enables non-invasive/non-destructive analysis.
  • On-line readout: no sampling means no risk of contamination.
  • Robust measurements: thousands of images are generated covering the entire duration of the culturing process.
  • Extensive information on CPPs, such as viability, viable cell density (VCD), total cell density (TCD) and CQAs such as cell health and cell phenotype (morphology-related) enables better characterization and control of the cell culture bioprocesses.

Ovizio’s microscopes offer convenient and robust solutions for automated cell counting, analysis and quality control.

Each cell is assigned a fingerprint based on multiple morphological and optical characteristics. This provides precise tracking of cells, along with their status, morphological changes and even differentiation. Our algorithms are already capable of cell counting, assessing viability, detecting beads or cell-morphology changes such as T cell activation
and can be customized upon request.

iLine F microscope

Master the process development and manufacturing of your cell- and virus-based therapeutics. Dye-free and automated.

iLine F PRO microscope

Extend the use of the iLine F to manufacturing and clinical operations (cGMP compliant).

qMod camera

Convert your own microscope into a holographic one.

Automation possibilities

Increase the throughput of your cell-image analysis.

Machine Learning

The machine learning (ML) field uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to allow computers to automatically “learn” how to perform a specific task without being explicitly programmed to do so. Ovizio’s services can create custom ML models to suit your specific needs.


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