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The iLine F analyzer provides unique on-line, non-invasive, dye-free suspension cell counting via accurate, continuous real-time monitoring.
Our machine-learning algorithms automatically detect different cell quality attributes such as viability (dead or alive), counting, morphological change and clusters.

The result:

  • Accelerate and take control of your process development.
  • Improve product characterization and understanding.
  • Reduce costs.

The analyzer captures holograms of cells as they travel through the disposable BioConnect fluidics system, which connects the analyzer to the bioreactor. The fluidics system is activated via a unique membrane pump, which works in the same way as a heart and has been proven to preserve cell integrity. Sterility is assured, continuous cell counting and monitoring can be carried out without sample consumption, thanks to the closed loop set-up. Transfer of Ovizio’s technology from one site to another is a very convenient and straightforward experience since it is operator independent and much less time consuming.


The BioConnect can connect to almost any type of bioreactor, including (but not limited to) rocking motion bags, benchtop, single-use disposable, and even larger scale stainless-steel bioreactors. Aseptic connection is achieved through welding (C-Flex or PVC) or using Luer locks. Please reach out for more information.

3D digital holographic microscope imaging software

OsOne software

The OsOne software is at the center of Ovizio’s analyzers. Designed to deliver an attractive user experience, OsOne is built for easy data acquisition and thorough quantitative data analysis of suspension cell cultures. Its machine-learning algorithms have been developed to identify different objects or cell states, while the wizard-driven, intuitive interface enables a rapid understanding and navigation of the app, providing a solid connection between the user and the device.

  • Learn how the evolution of cell counting technologies has improved measurement assays
  • Discover an in-depth comparative study: off-line versus in-line cell monitoring methods
  • Find out how automated systems enable fast and accurate cell counting

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about iLine F.

Can the iLine F be used with all types of bioreactor?
The iLine F can be used with any type of stirred tank.

Is the BioConnect reusable?
It is a single use probe, but the pump is reusable.

How can I sterilize the BioConnect system?
The BioConnect is provided sterile (gamma-irradiated). Alternatively, BioConnect can be autoclaved.

How much cell culture volume is consumed per sample or analysis?
As the cell culture volume is circulated in a closed loop, there is no sample consumption as it returns in the vessel, and thus also no contamination risk.

Does the use of the iLine F impact the cell culture?
illuminate the sample and low-sheer pumping to prevent cell stress.

Can cells be damaged when pumping?
We carefully designed our membrane pump to work like a heart so that it does not affect your cells.

What type of information can I get with the iLine F?
The iLine F monitors more than just cell density and viability, it records 30 attributes (morphological, optical, phase or intensity texture) and also information about cell clusters.

How many data points can I record for one run?
This is up to you to decide how many points you wish to have per hour, day or run.

How long does it take to obtain one data point?
This varies, depending on the number of images you decide to take per time point. The more images you capture, the more statistical relevance you get, but also the longer it will take to acquire the images. Once the images are acquired, the analysis only takes a few minutes.

Does the iLine F monitor all types of suspension cells?
All type of cells can be monitored as long as they are in suspension. Certain very specific cell lines with particular phenotypic features may require algorithm optimization which can be carried out by the OVIZIO team.

What is the minimum or maximum cell density that the iLine F can monitor? Does it work with low or high density cultures?
Does it work with low or high density cultures? We recommend a cell density between 0.5 and 10 million cells/mL.

Can this technology work for microcarriers?
We are currently investigating other solutions for monitoring microcarriers. The iLine F flowcell and pump were not initially designed for this.

Is there a calibration method for the iLine F system?
Our methodology is quite different from that used by most indirect measurement probes. Our ‘holographic fingerprint’ approach offers single-cell level data and in doing so, makes it very easy to validate your segmentation & detection algorithms. There is no data conversion involved, no re-calibration during a run and debris can easily be distinguished from cells based on their holographic fingerprint.

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