iLine F PRO analyzer

The iLine F PRO is our latest cell-monitoring imager for continuous monitoring of bioprocesses.
It is engineered to work with wave bags, single-use and stirred tank bioreactors and has been designed for cGMP compliance.

Continuous cell culture monitoring
with the iLine F Pro analyzer

The Ovizio iLine F PRO provides you with improved insight into your cell-based processes by bringing real-time monitoring of Critical Quality Attributes (CQA’s).

Based on label-free analysis, our analyzer ensures continuous monitoring of your cells status without the manual handling usually required.

Secured connection to your bioreactor is ensured by our BioConnect, a closed-loop cartridge system that reduces the risk of contamination and further reduces manual handling.

Cell detection is made possible through machine-learning algorithms, enabling continuous tracking of multiple parameters such as viability, bead count, cell activation profile, cell infection status, etc.

Our user-friendly software integrates remote-monitoring and automation features for improved cell-monitoring.

Our solution has followed numerous regulatory controls for cGMP compliance readiness, making it the ideal candidate for bioprocessing applications in cell & gene therapy applications.

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The result:

  • Real-time information on cell culture status
  • Drastically reduced hands-on time
  • Maximized availability of biological sample
  • Accelerated development of cell-based process
iLine F and iLine F PRO comparison


The BioConnect can connect to almost any type of bioreactor, including (but not limited to) rocking motion bags, benchtop, single-use disposable, and even larger scale stainless-steel bioreactors. Aseptic connection is achieved through welding (C-Flex or PVC) or using Luer locks. Please reach out for more information.

3D digital holographic microscope imaging software

OsOne software

The OsOne software is at the center of Ovizio’s analyzers. Designed to deliver an attractive user experience, OsOne is built for easy data acquisition and thorough quantitative data analysis of suspension cell cultures. Its machine-learning algorithms have been developed to identify different objects or cell states, while the wizard-driven, intuitive interface enables a rapid understanding and navigation of the app, providing a solid connection between the user and the device.


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