Ovizio at Cell & Gene Therapy World congress in Washington

Come listen to Philip Mathuis Techs of Tomorrow presentation in the Showcase Theater on "In-Process Monitoring of Cell Count and Cell Viability Using Quantitative Microscopy " on Tuesday January 26 at 2.00 PM and attend to the joined talk with MaSTherCell on "Why partnering is key to succeed in cell therapy industrialisation. Case study with Ovizio automated cell counting technology" in the Constitution Ballroom D on Tuesday January 26 at 3.00 PM. Join Philip Mathuis and Serge Jooris to discuss your next challenges in cell counting.

Ovizio and MaSTherCell joint talk at Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Gene Therapy Congress

Join Philip Mathuis and Alessandra Ferraro (Development Scientist, MaSTherCell) on February 4 at 12.50 PM. They will share their insights on innovative automated technologies for robust Quality Control. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss how automation can change the way you count your cells.

Assessing the health status of your cells

Jérémie Barbau, Annick Brandenburger, Marissa Nasshan, Jan Van Hauwermeiren

At Ovizio, we are frequently asked why we chose double digital differential holography microscopy (D3HM) to monitor cell viability. We thought that the most comprehensive way to approach an analytical procedure was to question every aspect of it as a validation method. We asked ourselves: What do we want to measure? How can we measure it? How can this be achieved accurately and precisely? What are the techniques involved? Which one is the best? By reading the results of our study, you will get:

  • A clear understanding of the meaning of accuracy and precision in cell viability
  • An overview of the principles of the different methods, their advantages and limits

An insight comparison of the techniques and instrument monitoring in cell viability in terms of their accuracy and precision

Ovizio white paper