Automation possibilities

Ovizio’s microscope module, the qMod camera, not only turns your microscope into a holographic microscope , but with a few steps it can also be used to design a fully automated cell imaging and analysis device that will completely change the way you look at your cells.

The qMod uses the same dye-free holographic imaging technique combined with machine learning algorithms as the iLine F. It combines the flexibility of a regular microscope with the robustness of an automated system. Both image acquisition and analysis are automated.

Automation allows you to:

  • Improve and standardize image quality.
  • Decrease manual handling steps.
  • Increase throughput (analyze more samples per hour).
  • Increase robustness (analyze more images per sample).
  • Use the qMod as a QC tool.

Together with Micro-Manager , Ovizio can partly or fully automate your image acquisition and analysis process on any computer-operated microscope. However, Ovizio usually recommends the Leica DMi8.

We advise automating the focus first, since optimal focus is key for a high-quality image, and, therefore, reliable analysis. However, a wide range of automation is possible.


Autofocus provides accurate and reproducible observation of different cell culture vessel layers.

Stage movement (x, y, z)

The system integrates a motorized stage for optimal vessel positioning. The stage automates image acquisition and scans the receptacle using a path pre-defined by the user. Automatic multiwell plate screening can be carried out via either a user-defined or random path.

Objective carousel

Automatically takes images using different magnifications.

Fluorescent overlays

When using a fluorescent microscope, the qMod allows you to overlay fluorescent images with holographic images to give you deep insight into your cells and cell culture.

Automated multiwell plate screening

L929 cells – in CELLSTAR® 48-well multiwell plate.

When cultivating cells in adherence in a multiwell plate, OsOne can perform cell count and cell confluency measurements in a fully-automated manner. The user inputs which well has to be imaged and how many images are required per well in an intuitive interface.

Predefined segmentation settings are included in the OsOne software. These settings are editable for optimization according to the customer’s cell line specificity.

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