Digital holography makes it possible to detect cells on the surface of translucent microcarriers such as Cytodex 3 (Sigma-Aldrich) and to count these cells based on their holographic fingerprint. Images captured with a D3HM microscope show that holography offers the possibility to refocus post acquisition (see image: ‘Refocused’) and in doing so, identify cells from debris. When healthy cells are illuminated, they act as lenses, and the resulting light points can be utilized for dye-free cell counting on microcarriers (see images ‘zoom on intensity’). Images are processed by Pr. Frank Dubois (Micro Gravity Research Centre, Free University of Brussels) based on the patent pending cell counting algorithm (WO2012062805).


Brightfield image / Phase image / Refocused cells

Intensity peaks / Zoom on intensity peaks / Separated cells

Results of the Waleo project DECISIV, obtained by Professors Frank Dubois and John Wérenne, Daniel Ribeiro, Andreia Pedregal and Dr. Catherine Yourassowsky (Université libre de Bruxelles).