Management Team

Emilie Viey - CEO

Emilie Viey is a cellular Biologist, graduated from the Immunology department of University Paris XI in 2006, for her work on the role of gamma delta T cells in the immune response against renal cell carcinoma. She pursued her scientific learning at Innate Pharma, working on the validation of immune modulating antibodies for natural killer cells in AML disease and the evaluation of the IPH11-01 drug efficacy on hepatitis C patients’ blood samples. Then, she created a twist in her career by joining Roche Diagnostics France. As a national expert for cell analysis instruments (cell counter, imaging platform and real-time cell analyzer), Emilie supported the sales team and customers on technical, scientific and marketing aspects.

In 2013, she stepped up her ambition to work for cutting-edge technologies and joined ACEA Biosciences Inc. as Country Manager. Building on these first steps into a commercial path, she was promoted to lead the European business and team for this San Diego-based company. In 2018, with her undying curiosity for science and new technologies, her thirst for knowledge and acquiring new skills, she accepted the CEO position at Ovizio Imaging Systems.

Emilie loves the outdoors and is passionate about all mountain activities (hiking, climbing, mountain running and biking, cross-country skiing).

Serge Jooris - Co-founder & Advisor

I am the co-founder and advisor of Ovizio Imaging Systems. I have always been hooked on new technologies and innovation. That makes me a kind of passionate technology geek.

What I especially love about innovation is how it can solve problems and simplify daily operations. This is exactly why we decided to launch Ovizio: we wanted to apply holographic microscopy to biopharmaceutical applications and provide a solution that would make the lives of cell biologists easier.

I completed my engineering degree in electro-mechanics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) with a thesis on classification problems in multi-dimensional spaces. I conducted a research program on opto-digital image recognition by correlation.

Over the following ten years, I occupied various management positions in IT and Software Development where I acquired experience in product development and scientific team management. An entrepreneur at heart, in the end I couldn't help but run my own venture. And in a way, I came back to my first love: digital imaging.

Enthusiastic and direct, I usually like getting straight to the point while always maintaining a positive mindset.

André Lebacq - VP of Technology

André Lebacq has been part of the Ovizio adventure nearly since the beginning.
He is an electrical engineer from the Université of Louvain, Belgium (1998-2003). During his academic years he specialized in telecommunications, and after his degree, worked for 3 years at the university on various research projects in the field of innovative advanced telecommunication systems, both land bound and spatial. He then worked on xDSL systems as a test engineer, then as an expert to develop innovative xDSL line diagnostic algorithms. He then joined Ovizio in march 2010 and discovered the world of optics and imaging.

He has been working at Ovizio on all fronts in the small beginning team, from control and image processing software development to hardware design, testing and debugging, customer support and device installation and training (and yes, even making coffee, in case you wonder). When the team grew, he led the hardware development team, managed suppliers, without stopping to specialize in and develop the core optical technology of the company. In a next step, he is now VP technology, in charge of overall technical development.

He believes that failure is a step to success™ and will never ever stop learning.


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