Bioprocessing Summit Europe | March 22nd – 24th, 2022

Europe’s fastest growing bioprocessing meeting is returning to Barcelona on 22-24 March, 2022, with more content, ground breaking science and practical case studies than ever before.

This eight track conference covers the full spectrum of bioprocessing and modalities with dedicated sessions on upstream and downstream processing, cell and gene therapy CMC and manufacturing, and the latest developments in analytics, stability and formulation.

Along with a unique set of unpublished case studies and learnings, the Summit also features educational Short Courses, Interactive Breakout Sessions, and a comprehensive Exhibit Hall showcasing the latest technologies, solutions and services supporting the rapidly growing bioprocessing industry.

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Advanced Therapies Week | January 25th – 28th, 2022

By bringing the industry together, Advanced Therapies Week offers you a unique opportunity to reflect upon the successes and failures from the last 12 months, enabling you to create actionable strategies and find new innovative technologies for the year ahead. With a focus on commercialization, the event provides the perfect blend of both suppliers and biotechs, who come together to share their technical expertise and ultimately help biotechs advance along their commercialization journey.Our CEO Emilie, together with Steve Wiltgen and Coleman Baker, will attend the event to showcase our iLine F PRO and see how it could benefit companies seeking to improve their bioprocess control and bioprocess automation strategies. You can find us at booth 804.

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Ovizio Imaging Systems is entering into a commercial partnership with Merck to promote its iLine F PRO solution for the cell & gene therapy market

Brussels, Belgium, January 20, 2021 – Ovizio Imaging Systems, a life science company providing an innovative image-based cell analyzer for process automation and process control to the bioprocessing market, today enters into a commercial partnership with the Life Sciences Business Sector of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, for its iLine F PRO solution.

Merck will ensure commercial promotion of the iLine F PRO solution, consisting of a cell analyzer and single-use disposable for companies working in the cell & gene therapy space in Europe and North America.

The partnership strategically aligns both companies’ decisive goals to simplify cell therapy manufacturing by combining the strength of the ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System, a multi-use platform for cell concentration and wash combined with aggregate processing, with Ovizio’s iLine F PRO cell analyzer, a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) providing real-time monitoring of cell expansion in a bioreactor.

Emilie Viey, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Ovizio Imaging Systems: “For biologics, the link between the product and process is typically well defined and Cell Quality Attributes (CQAs) can be suitably characterized. In contrast, cell therapy programs – autologous cell therapy programs in particular – begin with highly complex and variable patient material, which necessitates more complex and diverse processes to generate a high-quality product. Offering automated and modular solutions to decrease variability and gain more understanding of the cell-based process is our driver. We couldn’t have wished for a better commercial partner to offer a solution to the major players in cell & gene therapy that covers delicate and key steps in their process.”

About Ovizio

Ovizio Imaging Systems develops and commercializes label-free cell analyzers designed for the bioprocessing market, with a focus on cell & gene therapy and vaccine production. We offer in-process analytical solutions that enable deep process understanding during development, and increased process control and consistency during manufacturing.

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About the iLine F PRO

The iLine F PRO analyzer uses Ovizio’s proprietary label-free technology, a unique hologram-based method (patented Double Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (D3HM)), for on-line, non-invasive classification and counting of suspension cells. Upon connection with a bioreactor, it continuously tracks objects in real-time at a single cell level with high accuracy, and enables automation of current manual processes. The iLine F PRO is cGMP compliant and is compatible with standard communication protocols (OPC UA) and its applications, such as Scada and DeltaV, enabling further process automation and control when used in conjunction with other devices.

The BioConnect is a single-use disposable that has been designed for closed loop fluidics. It allows the cells to circulate between the analyzer, where cells are imaged, and the bioreactor, where cells are grown. The risk of contamination is, therefore, drastically reduced and no biological material is wasted in the analysis process.

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The OsOne software relies on image-based processing algorithms to detect objects in suspension, and machine learning algorithms to classify these according to their optical and morphological signature. This ability removes the need for cell staining or labeling.

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