Ovizio Imaging Systems announces iLine F and BioConnect supply agreements with Celgene Corporation

Brussels, Belgium 22/10/2019 – Ovizio Imaging Systems, a company providing an innovative microscopic imaging technology to the bioprocessing market, today announces the execution of supply agreements with Celgene Corporation for the automation of certain engineered T cell manufacturing processes.

Celgene will be using Ovizio’s innovative on-line iLine F microscope, and the BioConnect system, a closed, single-use fluidic sampling system, to further automate the manufacturing of engineered T-cell investigational products and improve product control across their global manufacturing network. These agreements follow a technology development cooperative effort initiated in 2018.

Emilie Viey, CEO of Ovizio Imaging Systems: “We are proud to support Celgene’s efforts in cell therapy, developing innovative programs for patients in areas of high unmet need. As a supportive technology partner, we are excited for the opportunities ahead as we continue our work with Celgene, seamlessly integrating Ovizio’s innovative microscopy solution into their engineered T-cell products manufacturing process.”

About Ovizio Imaging Systems
Ovizio Imaging Systems, founded in 2009, develops and commercializes a quantitative microscopic imaging platform technology based on patented Differential Digital Holographic Microscopy (DDHM). Ovizio is establishing its footprint in the Bioprocessing market, with a focus on Cell and Gene Therapy and Vaccine production.

About the iLine F microscope
The iLine F microscope uses a unique Holograms-based method, for on-line, non-invasive, and label-free suspension cell counting and classification. Combined with a bioreactor, it continuously tracks objects in real-time and, at a single cell level; with high accuracy and enables automation of current manual processes.

About the Bioconnect Single Use System
The BioConnect is a single-use disposable and autoclavable closed loop fluidics system, which is specifically designed with a cell-friendly membrane pump working like a heart. Thanks to an automatic and continuously flushing, cells flow through the imaging device and flow back to the bioreactor after holograms of the cells have been captured.

Media Contact

Emilie Viey, PhD
CEO of Ovizio Imaging Systems

Rue du Bourdon 100/2
1180 Brussels, BELGIUM
T +32 2 600 50 94

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WEBINAR: Automated, Closed-Loop, Inline Monitoring of CAR-T Cells in a Production Process

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Ovizio’s team is growing in Artificial Intelligence and Business Development!

Ovizio is happy to announce that it has hired 2 new team members.

Damien Cabosart joined Ovizio as Data Scientist in order to reinforce our Software Development team. Damien holds a M.Sc. in Physics from the Université de Namur, and a PhD in Engineering Sciences from the Université Catholique de Louvain. He made a postdoc at Delft University of Technology to develop machine learning tools as a Data Scientist researcher. He brings to Ovizio machine learning expertise and will support the continued development of our software suite OsOne.

Pascale Charbonnel joined Ovizio as Senior Business Developer. She holds a PhD in Molecular Microbiology Sciences from the Université de Paris XI – Orsay. Pascale has been working in the Health Industry for 19 years (Animal & Human Health). She brings to Ovizio international business development & alliance management with strategic pharma accounts. We’re glad to welcome her to develop and enrich our presence in the cell therapy and vaccine industries.

We warmly welcome Damien and Pascale in our team!

The new BioConnect design

Proud to present this application note, showcasing the improvements we’ve made to the BioConnect! As bioreactors evolve, we’ve kept pace to deliver an interface between any cell cultivation vessel and our Ovizio microscopes. The updates BioConnect design means this disposable, single-use connector is now suitable for all types of bioreactors and can provide you with a sterile, closed-loop system for real-time cell monitoring.

Improved BioConnect design and connectivity

Jérémie Barbau, Senior Application Scientist at OVIZIO Imaging Systems
Rue du Bourdon 100/2, 1180 BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

OVIZIO’s BioConnect is a disposable, single-use fluidic interface between the bioreactor in which cells are cultivated and the iLine F microscope where they are imaged.

The previous version of the BioConnect used to be plugged directly onto the headplate of a benchtop, glass and steel bioreactor using a compression fitting. However, with the emergence of new cultivation methods, the BioConnect has evolved in order to accommodate not only benchtop bioreactors, but any type of cell cultivation vessel.

Previous version of BioConnect

Previous version of BioConnect with a non-disposable benchtop vessel.

updated BioConnect with 2 types of endings: C-flex and PVC

The updated BioConnect is available with 2 types of endings: C-flex (ID: 0.125, OD: 0.250 inches) and PVC (ID: 0.118, OD: 0.164 inches), for easy and sterile welding. It always comes with a Male Luer lock to fit with any custom, lab-made vessels. All that is required is a deep line, from where the cells can be conveyed to the microscope, and a return line to bring the cells back to the vessel. BioConnects are delivered gamma-sterilized. If needed, BioConnects with C-flex endings can be assembled with the bioreactor in non-sterile conditions and be sterilized with the vessel afterward by autoclave. The PVC version is not autoclavable due to the properties of PVC.

Picture of a gamma-irradiated BioConnect with C-flex and dead plugs instead of Male Luer locks.

Picture of a gamma-irradiated BioConnect with C-flex and dead plugs instead of Male Luer locks.

BioConnect pump and stand

The pump comes with its own stand, so that the whole assembly, pump and BioConnect can be placed next to the culture vessel with only two lines connected to the vessel.

Bioconnect pump and stand

BioConnect pump and stand

BioConnect with C-flex ending and Male Luer locks plugged into the pump

BioConnect with C-flex ending and Male Luer locks plugged into the pump

Possible interfaces depending on the bioreactor type

The following table shows the possible interfaces depending on the bioreactor type.

  • Rocking motion bag with C-flex tubing
  • Xuri (GE Healtcare)
  • Benchtop bioreactor sterilized by autoclave
  • Benchtop disposable Bioreactor

possible interfaces depending on bioreactor type

* Connection may be possible, depending on the vessel setup. For instance, for a benchtop bioreactor sterilized by autoclave, the user can decide to either add C-flex tubing to his vessel during assembly or Male Luer locks.

** Connection depends on the brand of the vessel. Some products may have PVC tubing available for welding

BioConnect function is not affected by the size of the vessel, it can be connected to anything from small-scale vessels (200mL) through to large vessels (1000L or larger).

Given the possibility of sterilizing the BioConnect by autoclave, the endings can be modified with different types of connectors to accommodate specific setups/processes. Consequently, a BioConnect can easily be connected to a stainless-steel vessel after

In conclusion, the BioConnect is a disposable, single use, autoclavable fluidic interface that enables movement of cells from any type of vessel to our iLine F for holographic imaging. It is suitable for all types of bioreactors and provides a sterile, closed-loop system for
real-time cell monitoring.

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Bioprocessing Summit Europe, Lisboa, March 19-21

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